To promote and conscioutize on Human Rights of the people.

To facilitate learning and behavioral change programs to individuals, groups, institutions, local authorities, and general public on ill practices that limits participation of women, girls, children and people with special needs in socio-economic, civic and political affairs.

To educate communities on environmental related issues ranging from land degradation, lack of accessible quality water both for urban and rural populations, loss of wildlife and biodiversity; deterioration of aquatic systems and deforestation.

To promote the use of proper agricultural methods that aim at increasing yields while protecting natural ecology

To carry out initiatives that aim at promoting, coordinating and mobilizing community resources for the sake of supporting social and economic development

To promote good governance especially in areas of Ethics, Accountability and Transparency related issues through seminars, workshops and public address;

To establish systems that will aim at addressing and responding to problems facing children, orphans, widows, elders, and persons with special needs

To create awareness through seminars, workshops and public address on prevention and care of HIV/AIDS infections and victims;

To promote, support and encourage initiatives undertaken by women and the youths to establish and manage income generating economic activities.

To serve as the first hand of support in emergency situation while contributing in finding durable solutions for affected population.