1.Protection and advocacy

Projects under this program are meant to respond to problems facing children, women, elderly and persons with special needs (PSNs). HCI will encourage community-based protection and where necessary will give support to institutions which are purely established to save such groups of people at risk. HCI believes that, in order to prevent violence, communities must be strengthened and empowered. It is through preventive steps such as awareness campaigns, outreach activities and information sharing that HCI is able to provide survivors of social violence with adequate service and support such as psychosocial support, medical referral, legal aid assistance and livelihood support as well as relocation and shelter. Also HCI use national media groups as tools for advocacy and public campaign to address issues that affect the most vulnerable groups. Another form of advocacy strategy used by HCI includes conducting public meetings to be the voice of the voiceless and bring their plight to light. It is through this sort of advocacy that we will be able to receive some issues that affect vulnerable people in the community to our offices. Where necessary, HCI uses animation approach to conveying messages to relevant authorities

2.Empowering Communities on Socio-Economic Issues (Livelihoods)

HCI builds capacities of individuals and groups formed by women and youths deliberately to fight against injustice and poverty. HCI helps the two target categories to form groups, start projects, accesses funds (where this is the requirement) and have their successes/products known or get to markets. Moreover, under this context Livelihood activities will be promoted by implementing different activities on the issue of resilience-building, income generation activities, human and skill development activities for the poor and marginalized women and youths. HCI provides direct resources and/or technical support for the income generating and entrepreneurial activities, and supports individuals or groups in reaching out to basic services ones which add value to their enterprises.
HCI encourages behaviors/practices and do support project that employ modern but environmental friendly methodologies to improve productivity. More concisely, HCI encourages God’s way of farming—farming practices that allows regeneration of natural ecology. HCI fights against any form of environmental destruction resulting from demographic imbalances. We fight hunger and we take measures that ensure access to clean and safe energy both in rural and urban locations.

3.WASH, Nutrition and Health

Projects under this program are designed and implemented in such a way that the community is left or enabled to get rid of ill-health practices or structures that would be or have been the cause of diseases to individuals. HCI responds on Water Sanitation and Hygiene challenges facing the community in order to improve the situation. HCI works to end the national water, sanitation and hygiene crisis by improving water systems and making sanitation facilities like toilets as well as promoting basic hygiene practices in the communities we serve. HCI intervenes where there are critical nutritional and sexual and reproductive issues by promoting safer health practices and importance of taking in balanced diets.

4.Public Integrity and Accountability (Good Governance)

HCI helps communities establish systems/mechanisms through which local leaders exercise due diligence and prudence in the use of their power and public resources for the betterment of the community. In these contexts, HCI implements different activities in promoting decentralization of power in governance process, fiscal decentralization, participatory practice in democracy, enthusiastic political culture, strength in the efficacy of guardian institutions and rule of law, fighting bureaucracy in the development process with bribe-corruption hence influence progress of our country. Also delivering most of the public services responsively especially health, education, and social protection etc. at the doorsteps of grassroots people like the marginalized, women, children, youth and other relevant groups, as government has limited capacity and making sure proper policy are in place and that the basic rights for poor and marginalized groups are promoted.

5.Education and Self-Awareness Programs

Projects under this program are meant to create good learning environment for children and adults that will enable them get better education, one which will help them to combat the life challenges. HCI supports individuals, households and communities in creating favorable environment for children to learn by promoting elimination of physical, structural and social barriers. Where necessary, HCI supplies learning facilities while infusing in the sense of self-reliance in sustaining the education services in the community. Also HCI provides sustainable support to schools and colleges so as to guide young people to have the skills, knowledge and values to make a positive difference in today's world.